Sian Head Shot Right

I will start by telling you about my fitness journey. For much of my childhood I was over- weight, this progressed into adulthood until I decided I wanted to change, become fitter, healthier and gain more confidence and self- esteem. I joined a boxing club and trained three times a week, I quickly began losing weight, I then started running and took part in various events including the Birmingham Half Marathon in 2017.

I developed a keen interest in resistance training, I started working with a personal trainer and using his experience and knowledge was able to adapt my training and diet to gain the physique I wanted.

Over the years exercise and nutrition has become a long-term lifestyle change for me, which is why I have decided to move into the health and fitness industry. I have spent the last 20 years working in health and social care and have a passion to help people improve their quality of life. I want to use my knowledge and expertise to support you to achieve your goals and change your life!

Sian Coughlan